Rep Script

(Initial intro to whomever answers)


I'm Nik Delgado can you tell me who I would talk to that is in charge marketing.

( They usually connect you to that person )

Hello I'm calling representing Todd Fleming Photography & Studio here in Rochester. and I just want to leave you with some information for your company if you ever find yourself in need of photography services.

Do you happen to be in front of your computer? I can simply give you the website link to goto and review.

Please goto

Where it says Book Now on the upper right, click on the link icon that looks like a chain.

 ( It will take them  here - )

These are some of the services that we can offer you, if you are ever in need. Whether it's headshots for the company, images for your website or media content.

(  You just talk them down the page highlighting each section BUT mainly focus on what pertains to there needs. )

If you have any upcoming projects please keep us in mind.

You can call the number at the top of the site or email directly through the site.

Thank you! 

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