Rep position

Thank you for interest in this position.

The work is promoting my studio and services. As you can see by my site what I do is self explanatory and sells itself to those that have a need for photo video services, from head shots for company employees, product and website content to promoting family photo days etc.... It's almost endless.

Hours are how much time you want to dedicate, if you work smart you can make a lot of contacts in a short period of time, whether you use phone calls or emails. Short brief 5 minute calls to law offices, real estate any professional business with employees. As you probably know Rochester is a medical field heaven, along with many other businesses as well both large and small, everyone needs images to advertise.

I am looking for someone to get my services/site in front of people. This allows me to then shoot and do the rest of the work. I would be paying a commission of 15 to 20% of all work brought in.

Example.....  I called a company and asked who to speak to in regards to photographic needs for the company from employee head shots to product and media content. Simply giving them my website to view and that's it. This led  to a $2000 job, and  at 15% thats $300 for something that took 5 to 10 minutes for me.

Your time would be even less as you would just be making the simple introduction, and then they would contact the studio to finalize and get a rate.

Calls, emails ,online post, social media, whatever works best for you to get results. 

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