Why professional photography for your business.

The right professional photography will help you stand out from your competitors

No matter what your industry or who your customers are, your business needs to attract and engage with people. You have a very short amount of time to grab attention—a little over 8 seconds, according to a recent study[1]. A large percentage of our brains are devoted to visual processing, and we’re wired to be attracted to bright colors and impactful imagery[2]. Appealing pictures are essential, whether it’s on your website, your billboards, your printed materials or your social media.And while you might be handy with a smartphone camera, doing it yourself isn’t the best idea when it comes to your business photography.

Keep reading to learn how professional photography can show your products in the best light and give your business the competitive edge.

Show your products

If you sell something with a strong visual component (food or apparel, for example) you should showcase this in all of your marketing materials. Your business might be small or new to the market, but high-quality, professional product photography will make you look larger and more established—and it’ll show that what you offer rivals your bigger competitors. Services can be harder to illustrate, but professional photography can still help. Try showing your services in action or images of your satisfied customers along with testimonials. Your website could feature a gallery of finished products or results, if appropriate.

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Show your personality

Stock images can tell your customers how you want to be portrayed, but there’s nothing better than showing real people, real products and real services. Professional photos are a great way to show your company’s personality. Authentic photos let customers make a personal connection with you, and it helps to increase their perception of your trustworthiness and credibility. You should hire a professional photographer to take team headshots for your website’s About Us page. Adding props is a great way to add extra personality! 

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Spread the word

Once you have a supply of professional photos of your products and services, you should provide them whenever there’s an opportunity for publicity. Share them with reporters and bloggers who are writing about your business—this way, you confidently know that the images they use will show you in the best way, professionally! Think about hiring a professional photographer for any special events you organize or participate in, such as conferences and galas. This way, you’ll have a supply of professional images to use for future promotional materials. 

Stand out from the crowd

Do you have a highly recognizable product, company employee or office building? Show it off! Try showcasing it in hero images on your website and printed materials. Also think about things you do differently from other companies: a professional photographer can work with you to decide the best way to capture it. Sharing great images of what makes you unique across all of your marketing efforts will make you stand out, and people will be much more likely to remember you.

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